Advanced Access

What is it?

Advanced access is a new approach which aims to improve access to your family doctor when you really need it. The traditional annual appointment that you had to book months in advance will now be replaced by appointment time slots that will be distributed during the current or following week. As a result, you will now be able to quickly see your family doctor:

  • For an acute health issue or a minor emergency
  • For a periodic screening review
  • For a follow-up (hypertension, diabetes, CSST review, etc.)

This new system will improve access to your doctor and to do so, we need you! First of all, here are the main elements to understand to correctly use the advanced access:

  • Time slots for your doctor are open 2 weeks in advance
  • You must book your appointment by calling the clinic or by using the on-line form. Our system is built to let you have an easy access to appointment booking.
  • There is no recall list because you are the one who books the appointment and the secretary is not calling you back.

The goal is to give you, according to the emergency of the situation, a time slot in the days following your request. If your situation requires an urgent consultation, your doctor will try to see you in the next 72 hours. During highly busy periods (large volume of consultations, hospital on-call duty, holidays), it is possible that this delay be a little more longer, but have no fear, our team will do everything possible so you can be seen quickly.


If your family doctor cannot see you in a reasonable time period, another member of our medical team will be happy to see you.