I have a family doctor at the clinic

Here’s how to schedule an appointment

How to schedule an appointment

Family doctors of the Clinique médicale Le Sentier
are using the advanced access model for appointments.


Minor emergency appointment

You have a minor emergency and you want to see your family doctor within 72 hours?

we ask that you make your appointment via the Rendez-vous Santé Québec (Québec Medical Appointment Scheduler) .

Examples of minor emergencies: urinary tract infection, fever for more than 48 hours, flu, acute sore throat, strong and new pain, fracture, etc.

****It is important to use the minor emergency appointment slots only if the situation is urgent****

If your family doctor is not available, you will have access to appointment slots with the doctor at the minor emergency clinic, depending on availability.

Bookings for the emergency clinic’s first availabilities start at 8:00 p.m. the night before and at 6:00 a.m. the morning of for the second batch of availabilities.


Follow-up Appointment

You must be registered as a patient of a family doctor at La Clinique médicale Le Sentier to use this form. Otherwise, please note that you will not receive any response to your appointment request.