Medical Team

Our team offers personalized and quality health care. Here are the physicians and nurses of our medical team.

Dre Sarah Bédard

Family doctor

Dre Laurence Brossard-Charbonneau

Family doctor

Dre Catherine Cournoyer

Family doctor

Dre Stéphanie Klopfenstein

Family doctor

Dre Isabelle Tardif

Family doctor

Dr Jocelyn Normandin

Family doctor

Dre Mariane Lévesque-Perras

Family doctor

Dre Ève Paulhus-Gosselin

Family doctor

Dre Caroline Mercier

Family doctor

Stéphanie Fournier

Clinical nurse

Amélie Véronneau

Social worker

Nancy Lisée

Nursing assistant

Annie Germain


Administrative team

Here are the members of our administrative team that are working hard for the smooth operation of the clinic.

Nathalie Bernier

Cynthia Gemme

Ariane Auclair

Alexia Lapointe

Michèle Gagnon